House Rules

Player Characters

  • A Half-Elf PC may not add his ability score bonus to Constitution.
  • A Half-Orc PC may not add his ability score bonus to Intelligence or Charisma.
  • Gunslingers are not allowed.
  • Paladins must be approved by the GM.
  • Half-Elf PCs must be approved by the GM.
  • Half-Orc PCs must be approved by the GM.
  • Alignment is not defined unless it is an essential mechanic of a character’s class and even then only as specifically as required. Unaligned dimensions are considered neural for rules purposes. Examples:
    • Barbarian: non-lawful
    • Bard: unaligned
    • Cleric: choose one dimension of diety’s alignment, other dimension is unaligned
    • Druid: unaligned
    • Monk: lawful
    • Paladin: lawful good
  • Ability scores are determined through a point buy. Each player has 15 points to spend on his character’s ability scores.
  • When rolling for hit points, half of a hit die is given and half is rolled. i.e. A PC with a d8 hit die gains 1d4+4.


  • Rules from the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic are all used. No third-party sources are allowed.
  • Instead of taking a move action, standing up from the prone position counts as the equivalent of moving 15 feet (or 30 when hampered by terrain.)
  • The Intimidate skill can be used as a Strength based skill (instead of Charisma) if desired.
  • The Hero Points system from the Advanced Player’s Guide is not used. Instead, excellent role play or clever performance in combat will be awarded a bonus die (1d4) which can be added to any dice roll. Each bonus die may only be used once.
  • Natural 20’s automatically confirm as a critical hit.
  • A critical failure with a melee attack provokes an Attack of Opportunity. A critical failure with
    a ranged attack may strike allies.


  • An MVP is elected every session by the players and awarded a bonus die.
  • Dice that fall off the table must be rolled again.
  • A character sheet must be submitted to the GM when a player character levels up.

House Rules

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