Creating a Character

Begin with a basic idea about who your character is, what makes him special, and what drives him. Evil PCs are not allowed. Chaotic Neutral PCs can get pretty close to evil so they must be approved by the GM. Here are some basic rules of thumb for developing characters for a party.

  • No two players may fill the exact same role in the party.

Each player has a role in the group, a thing their character can do that makes them important. Two players should never be fighting over which one gets to pick the lock, or quibbling over who can snipe better. This is not necessarily to say that two players cannot both have the same class or power. There are lots of different roles available, so there’s no reason why two players should be stepping on each other’s niches, in or out of combat.

  • Your character is a person who exists in society on some level.

They have lots of unnamed family members, old friends, or pen pals. People who they know and care about on some level. Unless you’re a hermit living on a mountain top somewhere, subsisting on berries and small game, you have to know somebody, and hermits living exclusively on remote mountain tops typically do not make good PCs. Loners, by definition, do not hang out in groups. PCs on the other hand, do.

  • You are an adventurer. You go on adventures. You do not avoid going on adventures.

You are not the kind of person who says, “Let the cops handle this.” You are not the captain of the town guard who refuses to go save the world because someone has to guard the fifty peasants who live in your tiny hamlet. You are, by definition, the kind of person who sticks your nose where it doesn’t belong. NPCs live the quiet life. PCs save the world, make the money, win the tournament, and win the heart of the love interest.

  • Your character is not out to betray the party. Period.

He isn’t the Sith Lord in a party of Jedi, a cultist to a dark god secretly working for the villain, or in any way trying to sabotage the efforts of the rest of the party. You
can have your own agenda and motivations, but at the end of the day you will side with the rest of the group, even if your preferred methods may vary. In other words, Play Nice.

Beginning gear must come from the Core Rulebook. For every rank in Craft() or Profession(), a character gains 25 x level x level gp.


This is one of the most important and often neglected part of creating a character. At the very least, fill out one of these character background sheets.


Creating a Character

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